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In the genesis of HeBrews, we embarked on a simple idea—just a notion. My sister and I harbored a profound desire to convey a message of a loving and caring God to people, a God who holds the answers to our myriad problems. However, the challenge lay in reaching out to those who had been hurt by the church, perceiving Christians as intolerant. After earnest prayers, my sister and I resolved to establish a coffee shop—an endeavor bordering on the miraculous, given my own indifference to coffee at the time and our lack of knowledge about the intricacies of coffee, from beans to grind.

Drawing inspiration from John 14:26, which promises that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, I, in my childlike faith, sought the Spirit's guidance in understanding the world of coffee. Surprisingly, this guidance manifested in the form of a thought, leading me to navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Google. There, I discovered a Barista from New York who graciously imparted knowledge about coffee drinks, machines, and the intricacies of opening a coffee shop. Thus, HeBrews came into existence.

Our overarching mission with HeBrews is to redirect people's gaze toward the Lord for solutions to their lives and to foster faith in a power greater than themselves. Each HeBrews location carries its own distinct verse, epitomizing its unique purpose. For instance, HeBrews 12:2 in Arcadia urges patrons to "focus your eyes upon Jesus, the author, and finisher of your faith." Meanwhile, HeBrews 11:6 in Norman encourages individuals to cultivate faith in a higher power—a God who created, loves, and desires goodness for them.

Beyond serving coffee, our coffee shops aspire to uplift spirits and address community needs. In Arcadia, we initiated our journey by rebuilding an elderly lady's porch, recognizing the potential hazards posed by a significant hole. While we may not be a colossal corporation, we embody a company with a heart reflective of Jesus—a fervent desire to assist wherever possible. When presented with the means to fulfill a need, we do so with wholehearted dedication.

Our coffee shops serve as more than just places for caffeinated beverages; they act as sanctuaries where people feel safe to express their thoughts and needs. In essence, HeBrews endeavors to be a conduit for the divine message of love, care, and hope in the midst of life's challenges.

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